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Christopher and Dana Reeve's last movie

ChristopherReeve.jpgBoth Christopher and Dana Reeve died before they completed a movie called Everyone's Hero, a tale which reflected the passion and drive that Reeve's showed in his later life and his never give up attitude. Now, thanks to an Executive Producer on the film, the project is finally to be completed.

Christopher was actually directing the film when he passed away, and Dana urged the people behind the movie to keep going with it, to try and get it finished. Then, tragically, she too passed away. Yet Executive Producer Colin Brady and first time filmmaker Dan St. Pierre took over the helm of the project and saw it through to completion.

The Guardian outline the plot:

The movie tells the story of Yankee Irving, a boy who grows up during the Depression idolizing Babe Ruth despite always striking out himself. The boy is ready to quit baseball when he finds himself in possession of the legendary player's bat, and must hit the open road by himself and against all odds return the bat in time for the Babe to use it in the last game of the 1932 World Series. Along the way, Yankee learns that "no matter where life takes you, always keep swinging."

The film stars such names as Brian Dennehy, Whoopi Goldberg, William H. Macy, Mandy Patinkin, Rob Reiner and Forest Whitaker.

When Christopher died in 2004, Brady took over directing duties on the insistence of Dana, when she too died in March, it seems no one could bear not completing the project and it became everyone's passion.

Tragedy struck again when Dana passed away during a restructure of the film after various screenings. Dana was overseeing these but died before she could complete lines for her character. The filmmakers had to use her existing lines and outtakes rather than recast her part.

Both Christopher and Dana Reeve's are huge examples to us all, I must admit that I was firmly of the belief that Christopher would one day stand up and prove that he was the Superman we all knew and loved, and still do. I'm sure this film will make that stand as a testament to both their wonderful lives.



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