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Clips online: Grudge 2, Texas Chainsaw Prequel

TexasChainsawMassacre.jpgThere are a couple of clips online for The Grudge 2 and two for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, both sequels, and both look pretty interesting.

You can see The Grudge 2 clip over at Yahoo Movies and the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning clip over at IGN FilmForce and the second at MSN. Both are found through dtheatre.

What do you think of the Chainsaw prequel idea? I thought it stank frankly, that is until I saw the trailer. It does carry the feel of the original, and looks pretty horrific to boot. What do you think?



The Grudge 2 trailer has me feeling lukewarm about the movie, which I probably won't see till it comes out on DVD.

The prequel for Texas Chainsaw I have to admit gives me chills. I wasn't very interested in this movie until I saw the trailer for it - then I was - Oooh...maybe, just maybe it might be good. We'll see...I didn't like the remake very much, so I'm still keeping my reservations.


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