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Cohen makes kid's prison break film

RobCohen.jpgRob Cohen is set to make a film about kid's breaking out of prison called Scared Straight. Yes, it sounds like a comedy, and perhaps a camp one at that, but apparently not, it's his usual full speed, high action, but with kids.

From The Hollywood Reporter through CinemaBlend have the details.

Scared Straight is about a governor's son visiting a prison as part of the Scared Straight program, only to end up being taken hostage by shiv wielding inmates when a riot breaks out. The governor's kid then teams up with street urchins and an ex-con to stop the riot.

Cohen makes a strong connection between the reason this project has moved forward and the success of Prison Break, that TV series that manages to stretch out multiple series about a guy breaking out of prison. Geez, it took them under two hours in Shawshank.

This, to be honest, excites me not at all. I do like Cohen though, he has a great eye for fast paced action on screen. It's just that he seems to get some pretty poor scripts. What do you think, is this something that you'd want to see, or is Cohen just not your thing? You know, here I am shouting about how great Paul Haggis is for writing Thirtysomething (as well as his fantastic films of course) and I find that Cohen directed some episodes of the very same show!



I guess it will be a long long while before any studio gives him another 100+ million for a movie to direct. Remember Stealth? Cohen sounds like he is desperate.
Sure, he does need to get back on his feet and deserves second chance. But I don't think Scared Straight will be the answer. Hmm, I didn't know there was a prison for kids.


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