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Craven returns to directing horror

WesCraven.jpgWes Craven is back in the horror directors chair with a new project that sounds much more subtle than most of his horror to date. Not only that but he's set-up Midnight Pictures, a company that will make horror films that specifically have a sub US$15million budget.

He talked about his new film over at Variety through Coming Soon, and it sounds quite interesting, if a bit sparse:

"It is rooted in the supernatural with a 16-year old central character, but it's more 'Sixth Sense' than a slasher film," Craven said about his new film. "It's appalling to me that you have to go back to 1994 to find an original that I wrote and directed, so this is very important to me."

Interesting to see Craven take on a project like this and see how his style has changed, particularly if he's billing it as much more restrained than a lot of his other work.

Midnight Pictures is being pitched as the company that will remake his previous films, so first on the list is The Last House on the Left remake, and negotiations are underway for films such as Shocker and The People Under the Stairs.

So I'm not so sure on the remake front, and the popularity of these will probably be fuelled by how well his own project fares. If it does well then we are going to see a Craven revival and these remakes will do really well.

Are you keen to see Craven back in the chair? Do you think he can carry off this new film with a more subtle edge?



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