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Dean Martin the movie?

DeanMartin.jpgI am a Dean Martin fan, a huge fan, he was a superb talent. Now there's word that the rights to his biography "Memories are made of this", written by his daughter Deana Martin, have been bought to be made into a film of his life.

The actor who played Martin in the HBO film The Rat Pack, surprisingly directed by Rob Cohen, has bought the rights to the story. He and his producing partner are expected to have a script completed by Christmas, according to a story in seattlepi.

What a great story this could be, Martin was a great comic talent, not to mention a superb singer, cool actor, and the whole Rat Pack with their attitude and style, what a great movie it could make, swinging on the tails of the Ocean's series.



Some years ago, I heard Scorsese would do this movie. Whoever does it, it should be great. But please, don´t sweeten the life of this man. It had everything, and not all shiny and beautiful.

Following on from Peter, I also heard years ago, that Hanks was interested in playing Dean.


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