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Deleted scenes from X-Men: The Last Stand online

X-Men3.jpgThere are deleted scenes from Brett Ratner's surprisingly good X-Men: The Last Stand (review) online now, and the scenes are the ones we're supposed to be treated to on the DVD.

They are all in WMV format over at Comics2Film, either at the top under HOT Headlines or scrolling down to the X3 Extended/ Deleted DVD Scene #..., and there are five scenes in all. The story comes from Cinematical.

Although the footage isn't anything spectacular it does fit with what Ratner has said before, he claimed that pretty much everything significant they shot is in the film, there are just skim edits for time etc. Still, it'll make the DVD sales higher, and I wonder, as Cinematical suggest, if we're awaiting the next version of the boxset?



Unfortunately the clips won't work for me so I'll just wait to see them on the DVD. It's kind of unfortunate though because despite enjoying the film, I felt the pacing was too quick and some things could have been fleshed out a little more.

I was hoping for an extended cut as I think it could add more to the film as a whole.


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