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DOA delayed in U.S.

DOA.jpgNot sure why this is happening, but according to reports DOA: Dead or Alive is being delayed until December - I think this is only in the U.S., but there's no real confirmation of that.

According to UK IGN the delay is actually a good thing as it's being moved right into the middle of the holiday season, something which they say is a good sign that the studio have faith in the film.

Or, and this is just my take on it, it didn't do well as expected, and to maximise a film like this and draw in the teens, hit the holidays. Perhaps I'm just sceptical.

Me? I missed it...none of my male friends wanted to see it, I felt like a dirty old man going to see it on my own, and I couldn't really take a lady to see it!



Not sure about this new delay. The date has been December 8th for quite some time. Did you get something saying its changed from the 8th? Today the studio emailed me and said the date has not changed from what it was. Namely Dec 8th. :)

IGN have the delay story and the IMDB release date is still showing as October, or it was at time of writing. However if the studio say that's the way it is...

And I was just waiting for your review! You a dirty old man? No wayyyyyyy! ;D


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