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Downey is Iron Man

RobertDowneyJr.jpgThe rumour out right now is that Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man, and you really have to respect that choice.

According to AICN the decision is in the bag and a press release is to follow quite soon.

So there's the obvious battle with alcoholism to compare between the actor and the character, but there's more it than that. Downey is a superb character actor and this tells us something very insightful about the film, it's going to be sharp and perhaps quite dark - could you see Downey picking up a straight comic adaptation? I seriously don't think so.

Now add that name to Terrence Howard's and I think we're looking at a pretty heavyweight adaptation. What do you think? Are these two just slumming it, or has Jon Favreau got something really special up his sleeve? I think he has.



I think it is a genius casting decision. I never thought of Downey (i was thinking younger) but as soon as I read the name this morning it just.... fits.

I think its a hell of a gamble but a franchise of this magnitude on Downey's shoulders, but I think it will work out good.

I am not quite sold on the idea, but in some aspects he does fit the role.

They made a film star out of Nicholas Cage, and this man has twice his tallent. About time.

I like this news. Downey Jr. is a fantastic actor and he could most-definitely pull this off. Fingers crossed for a confirmation!

No longer a rumor. Check out the official Marvel site.

I am so happy for Downey, he deserves all this. Kudos!!!

After his return to the mainstream and his performance in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this guy deserves everything he earns.

Pure talent and I cannot bloody wait.

I hope Nic Cage is watching, maybe he'll learn something.


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