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DragonCon 2006 Podcast

DragonCon this year received a lot of coverage, and unfortunately none from Filmstalker, however the guys over at CinemaBlend have produced a couple of podcasts live from the event itself.

Although I'm a bit late in letting you all know about it (apologies Josh and Rafe), the podcasts are still on their site, and it's got some really interesting titbits for all the sci-fi and fantasy films.

I'm just listening to the first podcast as I write this and Rafe is just going into some information about more Babylon 5 and later he promises some Lost behind the scenes from a Producer from the series, Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

I'd recommend heading over there and catching some of it. It's in two parts, you can either head over to the CinemaBlend podcast page, or download the first podcast direct (MP3) and the second podcast direct (MP3).



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