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Films on Television this weekend

TelevisionSet.jpgOkay I'm a day late, but I've been massively busy this weekend what with a PC crashing, photos to develop for a friend, and other life things happening.

So here are the films on UK Freeview television this weekend that I think are quite interesting. Even if you're not in the UK, or have Freeview, or even television, there's still something to be had from this post because we're discussing the films themselves, and why I rate them.

(You've missed them already!)
Croupier on More4 9:00pm - 10:45pm
Repeated again, the well praised Clive Owen film.

True Lies on ITV2 9:00pm - 11:45pm
Arnie. That's the reason I watch this film time and time again. Okay, that's not strictly true, it's Arnie stepping up with James Cameron directing, Art Malik as his nemisis and Tom Arnold giving a superb funny man to his straight. It's one of the best Bond films there are!

The Outlaw Josey Wales on Five 10:00pm - 12:40am
The Clint Eastwood directed and starred in this tough film, although it's an early work that lacks a lot of the power of his later Unforgiven, it's still a great film, and shows the great promise of the later Eastwood directing. Especially with Eastwood in the lead role.

The Driver on ITV4 10:00pm - 11:50pm
Ryan O'Neal stars as a getaway driver whose work is everything. A strong thriller with some great car chase sequences and a great performance from O'Neal.

Go on Film4 12:45am - 2:30am
Doug Liman brings Katie Holmes out of her comfortable realm of Dawson and his pals. Three storylines weave together cleverly, and I'm told it's a much underrated film. However once again, I've missed it. Does anyone think I should have seen it?

Downfall on More4 9:10pm - 12:00am
It doesn't seem long since this award winning film that tells the tale of the last days of Adolf Hitler was passing through film festivals and then getting itself nominated for an Oscar. I'm told it is quite tough going but an excellent film.

The Fifth Element on Channel4 9:10pm - 11:35pm
Luc Besson's strange and funny visually exciting sci-fi film starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm and Milla Jovovich. I personally don't think this works so well on repeat viewings nowadays, but it's still some good entertainment.

Apt Pupil on Film4 11:25pm - 1:30am
This is a tough film at times, but very cleverly written and visualised. It's yet another Stephen King story from his Different Seasons novel, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Ian McKellan. Well worth a watch unless you're wanting a relaxing evening. Oh, and if you like cats, there's a scene here that just isn't for you.

Hotdog-xsmall.gifThe Longest Day on Five 1:45pm - 5:05pm
This cannot be missed. This is a stunning war film with a huge budget and cast, and well worthy of the Filmstalker Hotdog Award for the film to watch this weekend on Television (almost as convaluted as the Oscar Foriegn Lanuage Film!). Looking at the events of D-Day from all sides involved (yes, not just America), the film is pretty surprising in that it isn't an all American style glory, flag waving, piece of propoganda, instead it tells the story as it was, mistakes and all. It's over three hours long, but the high brow performances and great script hold you throughout. I just pray they don't clip it and show it widescreen.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure on ITV2 1:45pm - 3:25pm
Excellent! If you can't stomach war, then this film is for you. Pure sunday entertainment, sit back, disengage brain, and ignore the world around you. Not huge belly laughs, but plenty of snickers to have throughout (and I don't mean chocolate), and an enjoyable film with Keanu Reeves showing us the character he based most of his acting career on.

xXx on Five 9:00pm - 11:20pm
If you're totally insane you'll be missing the new Cracker series from Jimmy McGovern with the role that made Robbie Coltrane huge, for this superb fun, action filled film. Rob Cohen shows that he does have a great handle on the action film with Vin Diesel proving he's a perfectly capable action hero star. It is a great fun film, although digital sound does make this film totally kick. Me? I'm watching Cracker.

Say Anything on Film4 10:40pm - 12:35am
There are two films that define John Cusack for me, actually three now that I think about it. There's The Sure Thing, Grosse Pointe Blank, and this film. There's that iconic moment of standing holding the stereo above his head and blasting out Peter Gabriel's Red Rain, oh that moment is wonderful. The film is about the odd bloke at school managing to get the most popular girl to go out with him, an unlikely thing to happen, but for all of us who were unpopular it rings a certain attractiveness. I really love this film.

JFK on BBC1 10:55pm - 1:55am
Whatever you think of politics and the conspiracies around the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this film is a stunning piece of cinema. The casting, scripting, filming, editing and acting are all top notch and produce a fantastic piece of cinema. There never seems to bea mediocre or wasted moment of anyone's onscreen time, and Oliver Stone makes one of the most complex plots understandable. It's great filmmaking and it pulls you right in and fires you up for the final sequences.

...and that is this weekend's film viewing on television. Any particular favourites in there for you? What do you think of Say Anything, The Longest Day or JFK?



I share your sentiments for Say Anything, I also love that film and the other Cusack films you mentioned! I ought to give The Longest Day another shot, it didnt appeal to me the first time I saw it, as for JFK, heck I havent seen it and I dont know why I didnt watch it when it first came out.

I loved The Outlaw Josey Wales!

I quite like The Longest Day, got both their albums... oh, you mean the film, not my friend's band of the same name. Um... never seen the film.

You've been told rightly about Downfall. It is extremely hard going (not least because of its length, 160 minutes is quite a lot of war movie to sit through), but well worth the effort. A really tremendous performance by Bruno Ganz as Hitler. Ignore the crap that was being spouted by some people about the film being a pernicious attempt to humanise Hitler; that rubbish was probably circulated by people who 1) hadn't seen the film and thus totally missed the point that while it does try and present Hitler as a human being, it also presents him as a complete failure of a person and never tries to deny or justify his crimes, or 2) had seen it but chose to see in it only what they wanted rather than what was actually there.

Caught True Lies, all but the first 15 minutes. Tom Arnold is super, even the post-credits line "17 years I've been in the van, Harry"

Fell asleep last night with 45 minutes to go of xXx. At least I got past "It was only a Corvette".

Like the "Hotdog Award" ;-)

you can see 'death of a president' on MORE FOUR soon as theyre using it in adverts already..., and FILM FOUR have a korean season coming up, richard : 'oldboy', 'lady vengeance', 'tell me something', 'r-point', 'tale of two sisters', and 'brotherhood' - all except 'r-point' are worth catching.

Hey Logboy. Thanks for that. Yeah, I'm watching out for the TV screening, I carried that in my last DOAP story.

Great that these films are coming on TV, not so great that they'll most likely be resized and filled with adverts.

The only one I haven't seen there is Brotherhood, so I might watch for that. I do hear it's good. R-Point is pretty poor!

'brotherhood' is impressive, typically melodramatic, a bit too long, but impressive production - too obviously like 'saving private ryan' in the visuals, but thats become just something of a modern approach to war movies and action in general... worth seeing.


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