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Flags of Our Fathers trailer

FlagsofourFathers.jpgFlags of Our Fathers is looking to be one of the two epic movies from Clint Eastwood regarding the battle at Iwo Jima during World War II. The full trailer for Flags of Our Fathers is now online, and it looks fantastic.

The first trailer mixed between the two films and didn't give us much of the flavour of this film, it gave us more from the Japanese tale Letters from Iwo Jima. This trailer is different though, it is all about the American film, and not only does it look beautifully shot (as do all Eastwood directed movies) and incredibly emotive.

You can see the trailer over at Militray.com by selecting the image link on the top right of the page, through Coming Soon.

This looks a seriously powerful film, and an absolute corker of an epic. What do you think after watching it?



This trailer has shocked me. Really. This could be the best film of the year by far. And this is only the american side!

This looks INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to see it. Band of Brothers is one of my favourite dramas (be it movie, television or short film) of all time. Given that this is also being produced by Steven Spielberg, it has a similar look and feel to it. I love the use of greys during the battle scenes to show the coldness of war. Very simple yet extremely effective.

I cannot wait for this movie, along with Letters From Iwo Jima.

It's just a shame that Flags of our Fathers won't be released in the UK & Ireland until December 22.

These two are the films I can actually say I'm looking forward to this year. Can't wait.

I know spidey, it's a long wait, but I do think it'll be worth it. I think the DVD offerings for these films are going to be superb as well.


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