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Frank Miller talks 300

300.jpgFrank Miller was interviewed about his thoughts on the new film of his graphic novel, 300.

Over at Comics2Film, through Cinematical, Miller talks about how he likes the film and how he managed to leave the directing to Zack Snyder. You do get the feel that C2F were pushing to see if Miller was unhappy with any of it, but he seems incredibly happy with it.

Q: How much of the graphic novel makes it into the movie? FM: All of it. There might be some subtle things withdrawn, for the adaptation, but it's my book, plus some other material that was brought in.

Q: When Zach came to you with his additions for 300, what was your initial reaction?
FM: Oh yeah, well, we talked them over. I had some suggestions, and he's a very good collaborator, but one thing I learned from directing was that it really was in his hands, So, ultimately, I had to defer. If he was doing anything that I thought was outrageously wrong, I would have raised a stink as the rights holder, but, um, it seemed to be in very good shape and I didn't want to be an impediment to another director...I realized that there's only room for one director and that was Zach...this was Zach's movie.

Q: Can I ask you about timing. Can you talk about 300 and why is now a good time?
FM: In terms of 300, 300 Special ops against forces from the middle east, I mean, do the math. But it's mainly just a timeless tale. Some stories don't exist in real time and they don't get made in real time, and if it hasn't gotten changed since 480 B.C. I think it's holding up just fine.

Yeah, I think he's pretty happy with the film, and so he should be, after we saw that trailer. I'm dying to see this film and it's shot up to the top of my must see list, and with Miller endorsing it you just can't go wrong.



It's been a long time that I havent seen that chest of Butler's. *blushing*


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