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Full size Bumblebee picture

Transformer_Bumblebee_Face.jpgThere's a superb picture of the Transformer Bumblebee online just now, he's lying, full frontal, on the back of a truck having a short rest between takes.

You can see the picture over at Flickr via Digg in all its 2048x1365 glory! It shows him off perfectly and you can see his whole body made up of sections of car, actually it looks good and very cleverly designed.

Here's his face on the left, it's much clearer than the previous shots we've seen. This is most definitely a Transformer, who can possibly complain about this?



awesome. I'm sure they'll do some form of cgi for the face so he can talk and be more "humanized" as well.
the thing about that is, dang. this design is so industrial and component-rich, I'd hate to see one curve of this hidden by CGI.

sigh. win win situation if you ask me.


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