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FYI Film Competition wants your help

A while ago I wrote about the online film competition FYI, Film Your Issue, which had announced it's winners and had some strong short films which showed a lot of talent. For the coming year FYI are looking to expand, and expand globally, and to do that they want your advice and assistance.

Film Your Issue allowed American filmmakers of all levels to submit a short film from thirty seconds to no more than sixty seconds in length, either live action or animation, which highlights an issue that is important to the filmmaker.

One of my favourites was Strike it up, a film about something we've forgotten in this device laden world, conversation. It's superbly crafted and well shot, and says something quite stirring about today's society. So you're getting the idea of what this competition is all about.

After that story the founder, Heathcliff Rothman, and I exchanged a few emails, and he let me know of the plans for this coming year, here's what he said:

Yes, we are evaluating for the next iteration of the competition to remove the age boundaries, entirely. We are also evaluating -- though it may be biting off more than we can chew --expanding or opening it up globally, beyond the U.S.

This is superb news, opening the competition up to worldwide filmmakers, not just those in America. Except there's so many things to consider, like how do they do the judging and voting? Would a single jury be able to effectively judge entries from all over the world? Would there be a need for continent based jurys, or should the whole jury idea be abandoned and leave it open to public voting?

So Heathcliff and the other organisers would like to hear from you on what you would like to see in next years competition. Would you like it open to any age, any country? Regionalised perhaps, categorised by age or device? Would you want to enter?

Feel free to discuss it here but above all head over to Film Your Issue and drop them a note on the contact page.



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