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Gibson attends Apocalypto screenings

MelGibson.jpgMel Gibson has attended two screenings of Apocalypto, and he appeared incognito so that neither press nor the public would know he was there. This would be mainly down to wanting to avoid the press and conversations about recent events outside Hollywood, but it might also be just to see how his latest film would really be accepted in the outside world, and possibly find out if he should delay the release.

The story from The Guardian tells us:

Gibson did not make a public appearance during screenings held at the Riverwind Casino in Goldsby and Cameron University in Lawton

A publicist said that Gibson was deeply touched by the warm reception he received. Other sources are saying that the screenings went quite well, it would be interesting to hear from anyone that was actually there - perhaps AICN will grab them!

What do you feel about this, will your desire to see the film be affected by anything that has happened in Gibson's life outwith the film industry?

Update: I can't believe but just as I looked there's a post over at AICN with an audio file of Gibson talking after a screening of a very rough Apocalypto. There's a bit of confusion about comments taken from this interview in the press at the moment, and this is the discussion as close to in context as you can get without having been there.



you know what, Richard, i'm seriously surprised anyone's still talking about Gibsons' outburst. So much happens in Stars' personal, political and family lives as well as their public affairs that DEMAND skepticism and we simply ignore it. So why is Gibson even under a microscope here? If he's a biggot, heck, so are most of hollywood's grunts if you want to get down to it. Because he's a drunk? So's Michelle Rodriguez and a few thousand others. So what's the issue?

I seriously don't know. But I will tell you this much, man...Apocalypto in my mind is not a Mel Gibson film...it's simply a film. heck if it's good i'll love it. If it's crap, I'll blast it. Either way, I won't let what some 6:00 news reporter tells me affect any entertainment choices I make.

Besides. I listen to Nine Inch Nails. I'd have sworn that away years ago after finding out Trent Reznor hated my kind of people if I actually cared what anyone really thought. Its' the product they present that you judge their talent on. and you wont' enjoy much in life if you let little things like this sway your decision.

Where would it stop? the waiter at your favorite resturaunt may have had similar outbursts at a party or picked on kids with big ears in high school. Doesn't stop you from eating there.

man i'm on a tangent and will now stop. sorry 'bout that. cant' help myself sometimes, and that delete button is such a cop out...

No, please rant away Mogulus. I agree, although I take it further.

Apocalypto is a Mel Gibson film in my mind, but "Mel Gibson" is the name of the Hollywood star (actor, director, personality and marketing person), not the name of the man with a personal life, family and opinions.

That's my belief anyway, so whatever he does or says, I can judge the star Gibson differently to the person Gibson.

It does become different though if the star starts to make films about his personal beliefs, then there's just no way of avoiding them, but that hasn't happened in this case.

I'm seeing the movie.

A standing ovation man, Gibson got a standing ovation! Knowles is such a big fan of Gibson no wonder why. ;D

The virtue of the movie, that at least catch my attention, is that it´s the first serious attempt to talk about a civilization we don´t know too much about, its decadence before the arrival of the conquerors, and all from the point of view of a fictional character and his private story. I say that after reading Harry´s review. If Mel Gibson succeeds in telling the personal story of a human being inside the frame of a civilization´s internal demise, it would be a masterpiece. That was the key element in Schindler´s List: the Holocaust is in the back of the story of a man.


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