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Goya's Ghosts trailer and stills online

NataliePortman.jpgMore stills for Goya's Ghosts have appeared online, and it's starting to look quite lavish. Along with the stills on one site is a rather great comment that will make all those red blooded hetrosexual males out there wishing they were on set:

SCARLETT JOHANSSON drinking and gossiping with NATALIE PORTMAN in Soho House into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Just savour that image for a little while...

Okay, back to the images. They are over at Estrenos de Cine in the main part, they carry lot's of clips of soldiers on set, and NataliePortman.com carry a few stills of the actresses themselves (as well as the quote above), and finally there's a Spanish trailer online over at WB Spain. All through Jo Blo.

The cast is really interesting for this film, with a strong native Spanish cast mixed with Portman, Stellan Skarsgård and Randy Quaid. Isn't that a mix and a half?



Richard, you naughty you! ;D


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