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Grudge 2 and 30 Days video journals

30DaysofNight.jpgNew video journals for The Grudge 2 and 30 Days of Nights have been uploaded, and although there's nothing really earth shattering, they are quite interesting for very different reasons.

The Grudge 2 update comes from the new to Hollywood actress Teresa Palmer (who naturally looks very beautiful) and shows us that, surprise surprise, she's a normal person! There's something quite touching about a couple of moments in the film, and it makes you remember that these people go through a lot to get to our few hours of on screen viewing. There is one good bit for Grudge fans though, we get to see the sound stage with the Grudge house, and it looks great. You can see the Grudge 2 journal on the official Ghost House Pictures site through Coming Soon.

The second journal, from 30 Days of Nights, is much more technically interesting and has the director David Slade talking about what storyboards are, how they are made, and why. It's short, but some great information for those who don't know what they're all about. You can see it over at the Ghost House Pictures official site through SuperHero Hype.

I think Ghost House are doing a great job of promoting their movies, as well as bringing some potentially good films to the audience. They're not sitting on straight remakes or cash cow projects, but they're trying some new things and picking some quality pieces, okay not on the whole, but moreso than most studios. Both these projects have my interest, I liked all the previous Grudge\Ju-on films and 30 Days does have my interest piqued.



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