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Guy Pearce as Harvey Dent?

GuyPearce.jpgMore casting rumours for The Dark Knight. I've avoided a few in the past few weeks, but this one sounds spot on. Guy Pearce as Harvey Dent.

The rumour comes from Batman on Film through CinemaBlend.

The suggestion is that all the other possibles are out the window and that Pearce will be announced after The Prestige has been released. This means that the rumour that Liev Schreiber was the strong candidate would be out that window too. Now although I agree and Schreiber is a strong choice, Pearce would be a great character actor to play the part, I think he has far more range and depth to him as well as looking the part.

What do you think, Schreiber or Pearce for the role?



Hang on, I thought it was Ryan Philippe, or is that another project altogether?

There's been loads of names "attached", pretty much like the Joker rumours.

If I had to chose between Guy Pearce, Ryan Philippe and Liev Schrieber, I'd go with Guy Pearce. It's inevitable that he will work with Christopher Nolan again, and I think he'd be great as Harvey Dent.

In fact, I remember rumors that he filmed a cameo as Dent for Batman Begins. Unfortunately it was only a rumor!

I'd choose Pierce every time - a wonderfully gifted and seriously under-used actor.

I like Schreiber too, but I've read a few pieces about him being "difficult".


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