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Haggis directs Garden of Elah

PaulHaggis.jpgPaul Haggis' next directorial role is for Honeymoon with Harry, which sounds to me overly sentimental and simplistic for a Haggis story, however it's just been announced that he's set to direct Charlize Theron and Tommy Lee Jones in The Valley of Elah (or "Garden of" according to the source).

Haggis is already up to write the story, but now it appears he's now going to direct, which is superb news. I'm a big fan of Paul Haggis (I'm also a big fan of Haggis!), and for none of the reasons you're going to guess, and I'm going to give you a few moments to think about it while I write the rest of this story.

The new film is about a career soldier (Jones) whose son mysteriously disappears, indeed goes AWOL, but only after returning to the U.S. from Iraq. A police detective (Theron) teams up with him to help track down his son and find out why he disappeared. The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon and tells us that it is based on a Playboy article called "Death and Dishonor" written by Mark Boal.

Right, I've held of long enough. Thirtysomething.

Haggis has a superb eye and a great talent for writing about real people and their emotions, and so whatever he's written (even Honeymoon with Harry) I'll still be interested in watching, no matter what it sounds like!



I love haggis! I am looking forward to having another when I visit Edinburgh again this weekend! ;D


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