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Hanks and Ryan together again

MegRyan.jpgHomeland Security is a film which didn't really appeal to me from the beginning, and the fact that Meg Ryan is about to appear next to Colin Hanks, Tom's son, doesn't redeem anything for me.

According to Variety through Cinematical, Hanks will play and FBI Agent who has to spy on his mother (Ryan) and her new boyfriend played by Antonio Banderas. Why you ask? Well Banderas looks like a foreign person, oh no...I mean he's involved in an interenation art theft ring. Ermm...yeah, and that's Homeland Security for what reason? Art theft?

Anyway, according to the report Annette Benning was due to play the part and left the production. I wonder if she realised the potential negativity for the film? Who knows. Perhaps she just had a better offer.

Is this a film that really interests anyone from that blurb above? To me it sounds like another comedy of misunderstanding and errors with people spying on others and picking up the wrong messages.



Ooppps I thought you meant Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, together again on their 4th film - not so sure about this one either.


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