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Howard helming Nixon interview?

RonHoward.jpgRon Howard is rumoured to be helming a film of Sir David Frost's interview of former President Richard Nixon, an interview which saw Nixon talk openly about his failure of the American people and brought them both close to tears. I've seen the clip of the actual interview and it's an incredibly moving moment.

Peter Morgan's stage play Frost/Nixon portrays the television interview from 1977 which is currently starring Frank Langella and Michael Sheen. The story comes from Cinematical.

Previous word had it that Howard might consider directing The Changeling. If Howard does take this on the remake of the classic The Changeling (review), which is superbly chilling, please, please, please, don't give Tom Hanks the lead.

Back to the Frost/Nixon story though, this would make an incredibly charged and personal piece of filmmaking. The stage play has been described as a game of chess between the two characters as Frost, an incredibly accomplished interviewer, tries to get Nixon to speak candidly, while Nixon tries to avoid it. I think that it really would suit a couple of great actors, but who? Ignoring past casting, who would you think could play these parts?



Actually, what would interest me is the clip of the real interview itself. That´s the kind of thing that television nowadays refuses to show.

The answer is right there in your post. I just saw the stage version and Michael Sheen and Frank Langella are absolutely phenomenal - could not be bettered.

Kate, huge thanks for that, I would say Sheen for definite as I've seen him play Tony Blair a few times and he's very strong. I was a bit unsure about Langella as I think he's suffered from typecast in his life, but sounds like you were totally committed.


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