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I Am Legend set pictures

WillSmith.jpgThere are set pictures online for the new Will Smith starrer, I Am Legend. This is the film of the last man standing type novel by Richard Matheson which was famously made into the right to bear arms film, The Omega Man. Recently we discovered that the story was taking a pretty much stock approach, and following the Charlton Heston version, shame.

Over at AICN they have a very interesting series of photos and Merrick does a great job of reading between the lines trying to understand what the film is going to be about, and you have to say, he sounds right, it's going to be poor.

Have a look at the post to see what he's talking about, but after the pictures of big cars and the plastic dog, I'm not exactly holding out hope, add the Omega storyline and I'm thinking this is going to be more of the same. What do you think? Perhaps just too early to call it?



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