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I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK trailer online

Chan-wookPark.jpgThe trailer for Chan-wook Park's latest film, Saibogujiman kwenchana or I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK, is online now.

Thanks to KFCC through the superb Twitch, the trailer has been tracked down and have a link to it over here.

Someone please go and watch it and give me a review of it. I'm dying to see it but won't be home for another three hours! Grrrr!



well, its a nice little trailer, set in an asylum and about two people who discover they have the same condition. you will recognise the lighter side of park from his darker work, and its not that far removed in style, though theres concerns over how visually intricate or stylized it could term out to be - lady vengeance has slight faults like that. still, its park, clearly, and it looks damn nice.

Thanks for that logboy. Wow...what a trailer. Yeah, I can see Park there, but I fear this will not be my cup of tea...or cup of dark chocolate. I'm much more a fan of the darker side of Park, or dark-Park!


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