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Immortal Nicholas Flamel another fantasy series

Book.jpgThere's another fantasy novel series joining the bulging Hollywood adaptation list, this one is called The Immortal Nicholas Flamel and is a six-part series (for those of you in Hollywood that reads two trilogies) and comes from the author Michael Scott.

The series concentrate on the apparently real character of Nicholas Flamel, given the powers of immortality and magic for the purposes of the story, he's even mentioned in the Harry Potter series.

The books are set in modern day San Francisco and are about twins who meet Flamel when he's nigh on 600 years old. They get involved in a battle between good and evil...etc.

According to Variety through Coming Soon, the early books are about...

...the twins racing across America, learning the ancient ways of magic even as they're hunted by creatures and beings from the mythologies of a dozen nations. Flamel serves as their teacher and guide.

Sounds quite interesting, and does seem on the face of it to have similarities to so many other books around the same subject, which in itself is getting quite crowded. Still, it's another big series that could promise much. Mark Burnett is set to direct, the director of the Survivor reality show - is there that much to direct?



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