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International Eragon trailer

EragonPoster.jpgThe International trailer for the film Eragon is online. Initially, and actually until I had seen this trailer, I had thought this was going to be following the Dungeon Seige vein, and that John Malkovich, Robert Carlyle, Djimon Hounsou and Jeremy Irons were in it for the hard cash. Looks like I might have been mistaken.

The trailer looks strong, and you can see it over at Shur'tugal [QT] through Coming Soon.

I think it looks a lot of fun, and I am not going to mention that my online MUD character used to be a Dragon Rider...no I shan't. If you ever played Shades way back or Realms of Discordia more recently, then there's even less reason for me to mention my character names! Ahem...methinks I've geeked out enough already.



It IS called ERAGON!!! my wife and I had a running bet that it was either Dragon or Eragon...

...looks like I just won a kiss! thanks, man.
the poster is a bit confusing unless you get a chance to read the fine print, which we didnt.

I did like it though - did you?

Oh I wiked it alright!!!

so is the excitement about the film because Eragon is actually a good story and worth adapting, or just because we're gonna be seeing dragons and whatnot on screen again?


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