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Is Rachel Bilson Whedon's Wonder Woman?

Bilson-WonderWoman-Small.jpgCould Rachel Bilson from The O.C. and The Last Kiss be Joss Whedon's final choice for his Wonder Woman film? Well that's the latest rumour from Life Style Extra, a UK gossip magazine through Comic Book Movie.

The magazine reports that Bilson donned a sexy Wonder Woman basque for The O.C. in a sexy seduction scene. I have to say even this one picture looks sexy and seductive! However there's no official word out as yet, and so we shouldn't get too excited, especially as so far it's a rumour from a UK celebrity entertainment magazine.

All that aside, she does look pretty good for the role, although from what I remember of seeing her in O.C. (of which I watched little) she did come across as average to small height, whereas for me Wonder Woman has always been tall and amazonian.

For those of you who want to see that picture at the top right in it's full size glory, you have to wait to get over the page. Rachel Bilson in a sexy Wonder Woman top...yep, from that shot she's convincing me that she'd be good...


What do you think? Is she right for the role? Could she carry it off, does she need to be taller, or are one of the many other names that have been connected with the role any better? Priyanka Chopra (who was the last hot rumour for definitely picked), Kelly Brook (that was just my speculation!), Kate Beckinsale, Charisma Carpenter, Morena Baccarin, Jessica Biel or Nadia Bjorlin? Anyone else?



Richard, you have a real knack in choosing proper photos to post eh? ;D

IMDB lists her height at 5' 2". Not exactly what I'd call Amazonian. Maybe they'll shoot the movie with her standing on an apple box and everyone else in trenches.

I've only seen her act in that clip above and The Last Kiss trailer. I'm underwhelmed; she seems a bit dull for a superhero.

This is probably another rumor. There will be alot more before it's said and done. Nadia Bjorlin is my choice. She is the total package.I think it will come down to Nadia and Morena Baccarin.Nadia has the eyes. She has a classic beauty about her.Bilson[No]. She is too small. Nadia is the smart choice for Wonder Woman.She will be a Wonder Woman for the ages. I hope I am right.


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