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Jackson avoids Hobbit?

PeterJackson.jpgLooks like Peter Jackson will not be directing The Hobbit movie at this rate, he's just signed up to produce another fantasy epic novel series called Temeraire, at the moment it's one film but it may well stretch to the novels are actually a trilogy and considering the current Hollywood trend, that means three movies.

"His Majesty's Dragon", "Throne of Jade", and "Black Powder War" are all stories that rewrite the history of the Napoleonic Wars. Set in an alternate universe there's a chunk of fantasy added, in the guise of Dragons who are used within the battles as air cavalry. This is apparently what attracted Jackson to the story, and it sounds like it's just up his street. Prepare for the most dramatic battle scenes filmed.

So he's currently writing, producing and directing The Lovely Bones, producing Halo and The Dam Busters, as well as continuing rumours about him taking on Uri Gellar's novel as a film, he seems busy indeed. However, if these all stay as production duties then The Hobbit may come his way, but I fear this latest trilogy might just be tii tempting.



Well, Mr. Jackong is always good at great productions like this. Despite my own reservations, I still think he is a good director. But please, no more "extended extended editions"!

These books sound like a series Harry Turtledove wrote, I think called World At War. Of course, what does Harry Turtledove write other than alt-history with fantasy and sci-fi thrown in?

I have to agree with Peter - Temeraire really does look like it has Peter Jackson stamped all over and should be a very good experience indeed.

who knows though...sometimes producing credits are attained by simply signing a check. When it comes down to it, though I'm sure Mr. Jackson won't affiliate or associate his good name with a project he deems as "not worthy", it may still leave room for a light hearted Hobbit movie.

After all...the Hobbit book is nowhere near as dark and bulky as LOTR. It'd be interesting to see Jacksons' take on it.

Then again, I wonder if not him, then who? Who would direct this flick if he didnt' step up to the plate?

Good thoughts Mogulus, production can mean a signature and doesn't always need your time, even mentoring the Director doesn't always need to be a big job. Then there's scheduling, signing up for a film doesn't mean he has to make the film in the next year.


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