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James McAvoy talks Wanted

Wanted_Cover.jpgI recently read the graphic novel\comic boook series Wanted by Glaswegian writer Mark Millar (as well as J.G. Jones, and it's superb. Now it's being made into a movie starring Glaswegian actor James McAvoy, and he's been talking about the film.

"The thing that really turned me on and got me really excited first of all was Timur the director, 'cause I'd seen 'Night Watch' and shortly after, I saw 'Day Watch.' I was blown away by the first one and then even more blown away by 'Day Watch.' I'm such a sci-fi nut, and it's kind of wish fullfillment to play that kind of part, but I'm not going to try to get all buff for it. I'm going to try to make him a real guy. I know that's not revolutionary and that's been done before in this realm, but it's not done all the time."

For those who don't know the story has a nerdy nobody suddenly finding out he's the son of the worlds greatest super villain, and when his Dad is killed he's recruited by the organisation and trained to take his place.

He says some interesting things about the story, and some incredibly worrying things too. I'll leave the spoiler for over the page. He does say that the character called Sh**head, a character made entirely out of the poo of evil people, won't be in the script and in fact the script has been pared back. Just like His Dark Materials, the main theme of the story may be toned down and changed.

Here's what he has to say from an interview over at Coming Soon...

"It's kind of pared back. It's less superheroey, and it's more about the empowerment of lives, and how Wesley does all this amazing stuff because people tell him he's a superhero, then he realizes he just did it through belief."

Eh? Less "superheroey", that's the entire plot! Then he's hinting that they're going to twist the ending to make it more Hollywood and less like the actual story. You know, I don't get Hollywood, I really don't.

Have you read Wanted? What do you think about this? If you haven't read it then you need to go get it now before Hollywood rip it to shreds.



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