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Johansson as Scottish Queen

ScarlettJohansson.jpgScarlett Johansson looks as though she's going to be starring in Mary in Queen of Scots, a film depicting the relationship between Queen Mary of Scotland and Queen Elizabeth I of England, where Elizabeth fought to undermine Mary and overthrow the Scottish rule.

It's a great story from the Scottish writer Jimmy McGovern, and will capture the Scottish audience for sure, but there's something here that might just bother them. The Scottish Queen not being played by a Scottish actress. Now Johansson is a great actress and I do think she can pull this off, but that doesn't stop patriotic people from wondering why, when there's plenty of Scottish and British talent out there, that they aren't explored and used. Sure none of them are as big as Johansson, but the question is still there, and it's true with any role that is so traditionally rooted in a certain country or culture.

The story comes from the Hollywood Reporter throught Coming Soon.

What are your thoughts on the issue? If a film was being made of an historically prominent character from your country, and an actor\actress was chosen that wasn't from your country, and indeed sounded very different, what would you feel? Of course, you have to remember that accents and dialects can be worked on, and make up is superb, but...



As much as I love Scarlett I think this will be a wrong casting move. I mean, come on, this country has produced so much great acting talents both on stage and film and why dont they just tap those? No offense but British actors will eat their American counterparts alive! Kerry Condon (BBC's Rome) and Eve Best (Moon for the Misbegotten) are just two of the ones I can think of right now. Do you have anybody in mind Richard?

Another question, isnt there another Mary Queen of Scots film starring Bryce Dallas Howard?

Not that I've seen. I do remember some talk of the story a long time ago, it might have been McGovern's version, I'm not sure. Nothing shows up on IMDB about it.

I just think the idea of using a huge star hurts the movie. It eats up the budget on their pay, and then the studio will be left complaining that they can't film in Scotland because of the cost, and it's cheaper to film in Prague or somewhere. Didn't they think that a local talent might be as good and cheaper allowing the Scottish filmed aspect to be pulled out and used as a selling point?


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