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Johansson to play abductee Natascha Kampusch?

ScarlettJohansson.jpgScarlett Johansson is apparently already being eyed (now boys) to play Natascha Kampusch in a film of her harrowing abduction and eight year imprisonment.

According to The Daily Mail:

The Austrian victim is believed to be at the centre of a bidding war between Hollywood studios who are keen to acquire the sensational story rights for a £50 million film...

...according to her agent, Dietmar Ecker, 30 'internationally-known' film companies have made offers for her story.

For those of you who were off this planet when you heard about this story, Kampusch was abducted on her way to school when she was just ten. Kept for eight years by a fourty-four year old man in his home, primarily in his cellar, she escaped last month and the man threw himself in front of a train.

To be honest the story would make an amazing film, but it really would depend on how it was portrayed - real life drama or add in some Hollywood fiction. Which way should it go? It's also very early for any execs to be looking for a star for the film, but the resemblance is very close and Johansson would play the part excellently. People are always saying "too soon" with regards real life stories, but can it be too soon for this tale? Especially if the person at the center of the story is the one telling it?

The Mail are suggesting that the word Oscar is already being mentioned with regards this project, but I think that's just a smidgen premature don't you? However you can see that this has a huge step up already, even before a deal has been struck, I wouldn't be surprised if the agent really did have thirty deals on his desk.



I was shocked when I heard about this story just last week. It would make a very interesting film, and it would require a very good actress to pull off the role. I think Johansson would be perfect for this. It'll be interesting to see how this develops. Fingers crossed they don't turn it into total Hollywood crap though.

I've had a horrible thought. What if they want to make it all American, move it to New York and make it an anti-terror story? I can see it now...

I must say it didn't take long for the chequebooks to come out. If a Hollywood company gets it, though, you can pretty much guarantee the story will be heavily fictionalised and transposed to the US rather than leave it in the setting where it actually happened.


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