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Knight Rider without Hasselhoff

KnightRider.jpgIt seems that David Hasselhoff won't be appearing in the Knight Rider movie, well if Glen Larson has anything to do with it. Seems as though there's been an ongoing push and pull relationship between the two, and Larson has sold the rights away from Hasselhoff.

So there's a chance he could still be in it, although that is up to the Weinsteins and the deal they made with Larson for the rights, but right now it's not looking positive. A Knight Rider film without the original Michael Knight?

The extensive rumours come through two anonymous sources who wrote to AICN independently, both seem to back up each other's story.

Also mentioned is the fact that the recent KITT picture isn't the finalised version and that the film will basically deal with the first episode of the series, the creation of the crime fighting duo of Michael and KITT. It seems that the studio might want another franchise of films.

Well I like the idea of a Knight Rider film, and I would love for Hasselhoff to get a bit part as a nod to the series, but a whole franchise? I'm not so sure it would work to see a man and his high tech car fight crime in today's society. Can it go off road in Afghanistan and Iraq?



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