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Leterrier Incredible Hulk Q&A

LouisLeterrier.jpgThere's a Q&A with Louise Leterrier online. "Who he?" you ask, well he's the director of the Transporter series and the director lined up to bring The Incredible Hulk to the big screen from Zak Penn's script. Interestingly he repeatedly says things like "too soon" and is incredibly cryptic to the point of letting us know that it's, well, too soon. However there is one interesting nugget.

I like the first film. I just think I'm a maggot compared to Ang Lee. I'm not going to try to copy him, it would be an enormous failure. I'm going to do my version of a Hulk film. There's a lot of me in Unleashed. If you liked this film, you'll like our Hulk.

Oooh, so you can expect something along the lines of Unleashed, but presumably with a bigger and scarier than the character of Danny the Dog. You can see the full Q¬-many-A's over at Superhero Hype.

He does also dodge any questions on casting, telling us that the previous rumours on Dominic Purcell for Hulk and Bana not being in Hulk are both just that, rumour. He even suggests that neither are true. In that case Purcell isn't signed for the Hulk and Bana could be back? I would wonder why he would want to...apart from the pay.



in all seriousness, man, the Hulk movie was my favorite of all the Marvel films brought to the screen so far, and part of it has to do with the fact that Eric Banna was just so perfect as Banner. ( wierd similarity between last names i thought ) Jennifer Connoly, Nick Nolte and Sam Elliot rounded out that cast perfectly, though I thought the completely screwed the pooch witht he final battle. If it were taken in a different direction, say, with Nolte's character absorbing solid rock and having fought the hulk to the death, it would have been a near perfect movie.

I seriously hope Banna comes back. it would however, take much humility and a bit of grace on his part to do it, but we could always hope.

For me it was the end fight sequence and the poodle that really ruined the movie, otherwise I thought it was pretty decent and the innovative layout was great at making the comic link.

I'm with you, here's hoping for Bana back and that Leterrier doesn't treat it as he did Transporter II and gives it more of Unleashed.


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