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Little Britain goes Little US?

LittleBritain.jpgNot only is there still a Little Britain film being planned, but word from the creators Matt Lucas and David Walliams is that they've signed up for a US version. Precisely how that works is anyone's guess.

Back in July I talked about the BBC's plans to turn their television comedy shows into feature films, following on from the The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse outing.

In an interview with the UK interviewer Michael Parkinson Walliams said that the film is very much alive...

"We've got a sort of film development deal out there and also we might do something for TV out there,"

The article from the BBC also tells us of the planned US series...

The comedy duo have signed a deal with Pop Idol producer Simon Fuller to develop a US version of Little Britain for the American cable network HBO.

Now how will that be tackled? Will it be showing the Little Britain characters coping in the US, or will it take the more exciting route and make Little USA? That would be great, identifying and pulling out the quirkiness and stereotypes of Americans and typical American life to create a complete US version of the show. Somehow though, I just don't think it'll work, there would be so much time and effort required from Lucas and Walliams to even find and create the characters, never mind write the show. We'll probably be looking at a US friendly version of Little Britain.

What about the movie though, could it really work after the poor showing of Gentlemen?



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