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Macy's Edmond trailer online

WilliamHMacy.jpgI vaguely remember hearing something about William H. Macy in this film Edmond, but I didn't really follow it up. However I've just seen a trailer online and it's pretty strong stuff.

Edmond is just a normal man whose life begins to spiral downwards after a street mugging. It also stars Julia Stiles (whose performance is supposed to be superb), Joe Mantegna, Denise Richards, Ling Bai, Jeffrey Combs, Mena Suvari and Dylan Walsh. Pretty fine cast too.

The trailer looks very powerful and can be seen on the official site [QT:5Mb:15Mb] through Movie-List Forums. Have a look and see what you think.

I've just checked and the release dates are all for limited or film festivals until Italy gets a general release on 24th of November, and then that's it, however word is that there's a DVD release on the go. What do you think? Worth a look? I definitely think so, Macy looks strong, Suvari, Richards and Stiles, I'm in.



yeh, the R1 USA DVD is october 3rd richard. who do you use as import source? i use dvdpacific.com, good prices and service. always remember to use a CC insured against online farud though.



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