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Maggie Q joins Live Free or Die Hard

MaggieQ.jpgOh I can't get over that title. After the rumours, Justin Long has been confirmed for Live Free or Die Hard, and now Maggie Q on is in talks to star alongside Long and Bruce Willis.

The story comes from Variety through Coming Soon.

There hasn't been much talk about this film for a while, and secretly (or not so since I'm now about to announce it) I'm hopeful for a strong final Die Hard. Will this really be Willis' last turn as an action hero? Didn't he say that for Hostage (review), but then that film was worth it.



How interesting. Hollywood is casting beautiful Asian actressess in a baddie roles. Gong Li in Miami Vice, that young girl from Crouching Tiger in Rush Hour 2 and now poor Maggie in Die Hard 4. I fear Hollywood is going to give Asian females a bad name.

I love this lady since seeing her in M:i:III.

Guys love a bad girl better than a good one, I think there will be no problem with them getting a bad name!

Seriously though it is interesting when a film or studio do something how the trend can just sweep across Hollywood.

Is it to do with the fact that Asian talent is just being discovered and that the common western (far western) belief would be that the westerners are the good guys and foreigners are bad?

Please note I am generalising, that's not my belief, I'm just trying to verablise what perhaps the Hollywood casting agencies are thinking.

I cant help but chuckle reading your first sentence Richard- leaves much to the imagination! LOL

Anyhow, I welcome the influx of Asian actresses in Hollywood, the likes of Lucy Liu, Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh, and now, Maggie Q.

Ha! So that's it. Guys are so typical :-)
Maggie is quite stunning. I have no doubt we'll see more of her in the future.


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