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MGM plans more crap

MGM_Logo.jpgMGM has announced the sales campaigns for some new films, all of them sequels, and all of them promising to be complete crap.

The press release from Yahoo Business through Coming Soon, tell us the disappointing and pathetic news. Yes, MGM have no ideas and are trying to bleed its audience dry. However let us, who are paying them their wages, remember that the fall in profits is all our fault, after all we're all at the heart of a massive pirate ring stealing the milk from their babies mouths.

"Legally Blonde 3" -- Beauty and brains bring big laughs.
"Cutting Edge 3" -- The romantic drama about the quest for victory among professional ice skaters.
"Into the Blue 2" -- A new and exciting installment based on the action thriller about aspiring treasure hunters.
"WarGames 2" -- Scheduled to begin shooting in Montreal in November, the thrilling story of what happens when top officials try to dismantle the famous computer.
"Species 4" -- The fourth installment of the Species franchise continues in Mexico, where new experiments with DNA bring horrific results...

I'm so tempted to swear. What are these people thinking about? I'm sorry, but the real reason you're profits are down are because you are releasing crap movies. Wake up and smell your own scripts. What the hell are these people thinking? War Games 2? Species 4?



Most of them sound as direct to DVD releases. Pretty sad. It´s funny how a bad movie as Species turned out to be such a long franchise.

Species was quite a fun movie, but there was no need for a second, never mind a fourth!

Species- another film I never got to see.


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