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Mono in BBC New Filmmakers Awards

Mono.jpgPreviously I wrote about Richard Smith's (writer of Trauma - Review) film Mono being shortlisted for the LA International Short Film Festival, the Atlantic Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival. Now there's more exciting news for his short.

He's dropped me a note to say that it has been shortlisted for the BBC New Filmmakers Award which comprises of a mere ten films. This also means it will be shown on UK's BBC3 next year, on the BBC Film Network site and at Brief Encounters in Bristol for the Awards ceremony itself. It's also been selected for competition at the Uppsala Film Festival in Sweden.

Not only that if you're in Glasgow on the 20th of September (next wednesday) then you can get in to see the film for free as part of the Merchant City Festival's Scottish Talent Showcase. It's being held at GMAC (34 Albion Street). There are also ten other Scottish films showing, so make an evening of it.

Wow, Mono is doing well. I'm going to try and make the screening, all going well, so I'll hopefully have a review for you once I've seen it. In the meantime, here's the blurb from the official site:

Mono is an urban love story about two young city dwellers – lonely in their separate ways – who find themselves living next door to each other in a flimsily renovated apartment block and slowly fall in love through the wall dividing their flats, and them.



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