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Nakata's next - Kaidan, Entity and Out

HideoNakata.jpgI'm sure I've written in my previous life that Hideo Nakata had returned to shoot a film in Japan. The film is Kaidan, and is about

It's interesting that he hasn't been as successful in the west as would have been thought, however that's not the end of his western career, he's just returned to Japan for this movie and next up has the remake of The Entity and Out. The story comes through Kung Fu Cult Cinema

Entity is that classic film that is supposedly based on a true story, where a woman is repeatedly attacked and even raped by an invisible presence in the house. I remember seeing it when I was quite young and thinking it was pretty scary...as well as being quite erotic, but I was young! The official blurb goes:

Convinced that she's being raped by an paranormal force, a woman enlists the services of a parapsychologist to investigate her situation.

Out is a book I read before it was announced as a film, it just seemed to grab me in the bookstore one day. Written by Natsuo Kirino, it's about a group of women who are pulled together by circumstance and end up covering up the murder of one of their group's husband. It's a great thriller, keeps you on edge, and is quite horrific at times. Definitely a book worth reading if you want something a little different.



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