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New Pan's Labyrinth trailer online

PansLabyrinth.jpgThere's a new Pan's Labyrinth teaser trailer online, and although it's cut quite fast, it does look dark, brooding and very enticing. I think we're looking at Guillermo del Toro's best work to date.

You can see the trailer over at CHUD [QT], just select the link down the page that says "CHUD.com EXCLUSIVE TRAILER" - it's just above the adverts. Found through Film Rotation (that, for the non-crediting site out there grabbing these stories without credit, is called crediting your sources).

Everything I've seen of this film to date has just built my expectations each viewing. Every still and teaser has looked gorgeous and surprisingly dark. I'm hugely hopeful for this film. What do you think of the trailer?



I think the movie looks great. I really do think that Guillermo Del Toro is the next Peter Jackson and that he is only a movie or two away from a stellar hit.

I think Peter Jackson would have something to say about the next Peter Jackson considering he's still alive and kicking. =) (Yes, I know what you meant, but I can't stop the snark.)


Dave's last comment reminds me of an episode in "Friends" where Joey's character says he will be directed by the second to the next Martin Scorsese. (Sorry, I also cant help it either)


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