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No Press screenings for Saw 3

Saw_Poster.jpgSaw III marks another film is announced without any press screenings which means one of three things:

  1. The film is so good it will market and sell itself
  2. The film is so bad that the company don't want the press to see it
  3. People will go to see it because they've seen the last two Saw's

HorrorMovies thought much the same, but what do you think? Personally I could believe a little of each. Sure it will sell itself because of the hype of the last two and the idea of the end of the Saw franchise, after all trilogies tend to mean the series is over and usually end with something spectacular...except for Matrix.

Yet I have to be realistic. Good press sells tickets, and if they want to bypass that then they'll have to follow the Snakes on a Plane model, which didn't work too well. So that must be because they are scared the press trash it and their sales in the progress.

Will you go and see it anyway? I actually haven't seen the second film, so I'll be waiting for a DVD release.



I only saw the first one, which I thought was pretty terrible, so never bothered with the second and won't be bothering with this either.

I'm inclined to believe the studio has no faith in the film but is hoping fans of the first two will stick around for number three.

@rse, /Lee remembers offering a loan of Saw II to Richard and Richard accepting, and Lee never passing over aforementioned DVD/ - Rich, kick my backside, get Saw II watched, then go see III on the big screen.

I really enjoyed Saw and when I saw Saw II I wished I'd seen it at the flicks rather than at home on DVD. The second in a trilogy is usually mince, it's the law, but Saw II was the best follow-up I ever did see.

I might try and go and see it, but not holding out much hope of being allowed. Seen nothing but gripped by the first two, so I'm firmly in camp number 3.


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