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Oldboy new DVD release

Oldboy.jpgThere's a new DVD release of Oldboy coming in November, this one is entitled the Oldboy Collector’s Edition DVD and comprises three discs, three commentaries, five behind the scenes documentaries, ten deleted scenes, and a video diary from the sixty nine shooting days.

The full specification list, from MoviesOnline, has a huge amount, and is over in the main story, however a lot of them I remember seeing from the DVD I saw some time ago. What is definitely knew is the Autobiography of Oldboy feature, coming in at over a whopping three hours! It features an anamorphic picture and DD5.1 as well as DTS5.1.

If you haven't seen the film then have a look at the Filmstalker review of Oldboy, I loved it. Thankfully the news of the remake has died down to nothing.

Looking at the DVD extras over the page, I can't help but feeling they are trying to eek every possible sale out of the film. However can you blame them when it's so good? That said, I'm not tempted to buy a whole new DVD just for a few more extras and a shiny tin, I'd have preferred to have been allowed to download them for a small charge providing I could give valid proof of the DVD purchase.

Feature Film
Director's Commentary
Director and Cinematographer's Commentary
Director and Cast Commentary

5 Behind the Scenes Documentaries:
Making the Film - The Cast Remembers (11 mins.)
Production Design (13 mins.)
The Music Score (17 mins.)
CGI Documentary (8 mins.)
Flashback (23 mins.)
Cast & Crew interviews (41 mins.)
10 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary (25 mins.)
Featurette: 'Le Grand Prix at Cannes' (9 mins.)

The Autobiography of Oldboy (212 mins.)
A video diary from each of the 69 shooting days.

Special collector's edition card featuring an actual film cell from the theatrical 35mm print.
The first volume of the Old Boy graphic novel upon which the movie is based. The graphic novel was recently released in North America by Dark Horse Comics.

Have you seen the superb and freaky Oldboy and do you think this boxset is going to be worth it?



You really have to ask yourself who on earth would remake this fantastic movie. Michael Mann perhaps? lol

Wow. This sounds damn cool. Oldboy is one of the best foreign language films I've seen in a long LONG time. I'd definitely be interested in the special features.

ramble on...


I heard that Justin Lin (dear god why!) was going to remake this film in the states. I really hope he doesn't because Tokyo Drift and Better Luck Tomorrow weren't exactly my favorite movies.

The vast majority of those extras are on the UK 2 disc special edition from Tartan. I am never tempted to buy a second DVD of a film I already own just for extras. The only thing that would make me do it is vastly improved print or sound if the only available previous releases where poor.

Nic Cage was keen on being in the re-make of Oldboy as he is with every other lame re-make of late.

Yeah, Lin was remaking it, although his comments here are sounding like it's not going to happen.

What a great edition. Hah, I still remember my friends reaction when I almost forced them to go with me and watch this movie:

"It´s awful"

"It´s... different"

One of them was enthusiastic, though. They were like people assisting to a freaky monster birth.

I loved Oldboy. It's definitely the best of the trilogy, but I don't think I'd be picking this up. Shit, that autobiography alone is near twice as long as the film. Who has that kind of time?

HOLY HELL. You have no idea how much this tempts me. My copy is a bare-bones Korean disc, so this is extremely interesting to me.

To say its tempting would be an under-statement. I am gonna climb all over this one once its hits dvd shelves.


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