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Oliver Platt killing chefs

OliverPlatt.jpgOliver Platt is set to star in a comedy remake of Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?, a film originally starring the great George Segal and the gorgeous Jacqueline Bisset who assisted me in my early sexual development (thanks for that), and in true Hollywood tradition they are set to relocate the remake in Las Vegas.

I really rate Platt, and not for his voice role in SSX Tricky, but for all those other roles where he's always playing second or third fiddle to someone else, and moreso for his dramatic roles rather than comedy. However I'm just happy to see him on screen.

According to Variety through Coming Soon the story goes something like this:

Platt will play a food critic who comes to Vegas to check out the action, reprising the role played by Robert Morley in the original. But when a chef is found murdered in the same way his signature dish is prepared, the critic becomes a suspect.

I've not seen the original, but it does sound like an unusual, quirky and quite funny film. I wonder if they can do this one right? At least Platt is in a lead role and the writer is David A. Goodman, writer, producer and actor on Family Guy. Yes, so far so good, but did they really have to relocate it? Was it that much of an issue? Mind you, flipping that around, it doesn't really matter if they have...does it?



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