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Order of the Phoenix photos really online!

.jpgYesterday I posted a link to a single picture from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, although the article talked about more, there was only the one shown. This morning the set are now online.

You can view them over at Coming Soon. I'm not that excited about the whole series, although I am getting better the darker they get, and I believe this one is set to retain that trend. None of the photos look particularly stirring, but it is quite amazing how young they are keeping Daniel Radcliffe looking. The magic of the cinema! The shots of the new character Dolores Umbridge played by Imelda Staunton are quite amusing though.



people whom hate Potter often use the whole "he's what? 25 now? how can we swallow that he's a boy wizard in school?!" and have never read a single potter book.

The latter ones, he's practically an adult, and you're dead right in that the magic of the cinema can make John Reyse (sp) Davis into a convincing dwarf, make Patric Stewart look 30 years younger, and, yes, make Harry Potter the correct age WITH Daniel Radclif involved through the whole thing.

Man, man MAN, take it from me, Richard. I hate reading ALL fiction pretty much, but even I have to agree, the Potter series is probably THE most enjoyable books out there. if you haven't read them, please do yourself a service and give them a try. and don't feel so stupid doing it. even the first book, while written for children, has plenty to offer adults.

back again. double posting. sorry.
I just got back from actually LOOKING at these images. Holy COW!!! Mrs. Umbridge looks PERFECT!!! and creepy as heck!!!

My favorite shot is the one of the order of the pheonix, looking all bad and ready for combat. AWESOME, richard! THANKS!!!

I love the pictures, especially the one of Ms Umbridge sitting in her office - yikes - Imelda is perfect for this role.
I try not to think about the upcoming movie too much because it's still a ways away.
The Order of the Phoenix is definitely my favorite book of the series, I sincerely hope they will do it justice.

Mogulus, it's not that I've thought of them as children's books and therefore not worth reading because I'm an adult, the story has just never grabbed me. That is until the last film which brought a much darker and stronger adult focus to it, that made me think that the books from here on might be worth a look.

I might take you up on your recommendation then and give it a go. Would you agree with the above though? Should I start from the beginning and slog it out?

hey harry
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hey harry
i ma no nonsence muggle who dreams about u . could u do me a favour i love u and i want to be ur friend close to ur heart or else i would charm u with my stick "spectumsempra"
ur chum


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