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Pans Labyrinth for foreign film Oscar?

PansLabyrinth.jpgMexico seems to be leading the Oscar race this year with news that they have already lined up their foreign language film, and what is it? Well, a certain Guillermo del Toro film.

El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth) is the chosen film, and I think it has a good chance, even though I haven't seen it or know what else is in the category. So how do I think that? Well not only do the JoBlo guys think so from a story at Hollywood Reporter, but this is a film that's pulling together so many different genres, has stunning effects, looks to have a hugely grounded story, and seems to have managed to carry off what quite a few other big movies haven't. An effective adult fairy tale which is also through the eyes of a child.

Remember though that this is the weirdest category, I've talked about this before but it's for a film in a foreign language, not a foreign made film...it's a subtle difference but means that some foreign made films just can't be entered...that aside, personally I think this is a stonking choice, and that they have a top chance of winning. Who else could go up against the film?



I'd love to see the Oscar to to Mr. Del Toro (for the simple fact that at some point we'd see in the Hellboy 2 trailer - "From the Academy Award Winning Director Guellermo Del Toro" - which would make me smile).

Anyways, I think it is amost a lock that the Award will go to Mr. Almodovar who is academy loved and has a major hollywood actress in the film (Penelope Cruz). Curiously both are Spanish-connected productions

Oh my God, and it´s made in Spain. If you knew the quality of the movies selected to the Oscars by the Spanish Accademy, you would cry (Volver, Alatriste and Salvador, all crappy). Gee, I feel like Stewie Griffin talking to Rupert his teddy bear.


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