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Pearl's family endorse Pitt Jolie film

BradPitt.jpgThe parents of the murdered journalist Daniel Pearl have openly backed the film being made about his last weeks called A Mighty Heart, produced by Brad Pitt (and others) and starring Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman.

Pearl was beheaded by terrorists in the Karachi, Pakistan in 2002. The film will chronicle his time away through his pregnant wife's view as she grew more and more concerned for his well being.

According to Perth Now, the parents were initially reluctant, but after hearing about Jolie's involvement and how the film was to be done, they changed their minds.

"I didn't want to see Danny being played by an actor, but being done the way it's being done, it's very comforting," Ruth Pearl told Extra.

Ruth Pearl said she was also pleased that Jolie, an actress famous for her humanitarian causes, would play Pearl's widow.

"I think it's great. I think she also stands for very noble causes. She's a great person," she said.

Well that is endorsement indeed, and reminds me of the survivors similar sentiments for both United 93 (review) and World Trade Center, a film which I aim to see tomorrow afternoon. Review will follow.

I think this may well be a great film about some people with very strong personal strengths and self beliefs. Yet I do hope that they keep a firm grounding in reality and don't make an attempt to build this into too much of a message film.



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