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Peter Jackson to create videogames

PeterJackson.jpgPeter Jackson is moving into the realm of mixing videogame and film by working on developing some projects for the XBox 360. Seems that the Halo deal is giving him something more than the Production and Effects work from the film. He recently announced with Microsoft that they are creating a videogame studio as well as confirming two titles.

According to Hollywood Reporter through Reuters:

Now he and screenwriter Fran Walsh have partnered with Microsoft Games Studio to create Wingnut Interactive Studio, a New Zealand-based firm that will develop new properties for Microsoft's Xbox 360 next-generation console...

...through an original "Halo" game that will be separate from "Halo 3,"...The as-yet-untitled game, which Jackson said has been in development for a year, is not expected to ship until 2008, after "Halo 3." Bungie will develop the game with creative input, writing and direction done in co-operation with Wingnut Interactive

At a recent announcement alongside Microsoft he said...

"I think that intrinsically, most video games, and virtually all movies, do one basic thing: tell stories," Jackson said. "The aspects and elements of an interactive experience are unique to the video game but not necessarily the way it's perceived and/or understood as a story. You still have characters, plot, environments, dialogue or types of interactions, and this is standard fare."

...and so the line between videogame and film blurs even more. So far the most successful moves have been from film to videogame, and that has usually been by taking the film story and developing a standard videogame from it. Although they haven't always been the most inventive to play, they have fared better in their industry than the videogame adaptation to films have in the film industry.

This is another exciting move in the industry, and if Jackson and his company can pull it off then we're in for something special.



Is it too much to hope for a videogame of either Brain Dead or Bad Taste? Could be done right if Jackson is at the helm.


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