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Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

POTC-WorldsEnd.jpgDisney are keeping their options open on the Pirates franchise with the President of the studio stating that there may well be a fourth in the series with a cryptci quote.

"The third film will conclude the initial Pirates trilogy, though it is unlikely to be the last Pirates sequel,"

I remember some time ago talk of having two sets of trilogies, although that was wild rumour. I think it's quite fair to expect a fourth from the studio because they are high earners. Considering the second film really did nothing or go nowhere plot wise, it was just a first and partial second act of a single film and it still made bags of money, I don't think this film by any means marks a closure to the series. It'll all rest on the cash from the third. The story comes from China Daily through MoviesOnline.

Are you keen to see a fourth? Were you hooked in by the second and are going to be seeing the third? Do you have a great appetite for fourth? I think this last one will be time to complete the series, no matter how much it makes. The second film was a stretch and this story arc is taking the characters to the ultimate story line. The writers have already marked the end, where could it go now to keep it bigger?



i would love to see a fourth pirates of the carribean movie... i am only twelve and i love the storyline of the films....................BRING OUT A 4th.

i would LOVE to see pirates of the caribbean 4.
i saw the third last night
and tonight.
and hope again and again.
its my drreamm to meet him..and i hope to see him in the fourth one ALOTT. i saw the extra scene and find it really interesting what might come nextt.

Hahaha!! What he said! BRING OUT A 4TH!!!! W00T^^
LOL I'm 13, I can honestly say that I'd LOVE it if all the characters could band together for a 4th movie... I have to say though, Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) and Keira Knightly (Elizabeth Swann/Turner) do not wish to continue acting in the pirates trilogy, HOWEVER Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) has stated that he would gladly continue in pirates as long as the script remained good. :( BUT I REALLY LOVE THEIR CAST OF CHARACTERS!!!!!! The story wouldn't be the same without Orlando playing Will or Keira playing Elizabeth. And in anycase,


(being where the original trilogy left off at #3) Will and Elizabeth probably don't have huge parts... maybe some parenting parts... but nothing much.... because (in my opinion) they need to take it to when the boy is like... a teen... alot of the audience is teenagers ranging from about 12-18, now don't get me wrong, quite a few of the viewers are 19 and up, but there really isn't a good teenaged character for the teenaged viewers to relate to.


Anyway, I'm just saying, Orlando and Keira should hang in there. They don't HAVE to, but the movie just wouldn't be the same without them or Johnny. It'd be nice if I could meet up with them... not as a fan, but as a supportive friend so I could tell them without all the media how much regular JoeShmoes everywhere ADORE their characters. Not only would I say that, but I'd tell them everything I hear from my friends and family about the movie. LOL I speak on "what if" statements too much ^^ But yeah... you get my point...

I would love to see a pirates of the carribean 4.
I love johnny depp[captain jack sparrow] he is gorgeous i really want to meet him if i got the chance, I have 102 pictures of him on my pin board in my bedroom i think he's awsome!!!! he makes all his films funny and serious. he's a great actor
Love to you johnny where ever you are!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Look ppl, there has 2B a 4th! The 3rd didn't answer alot of questions and left unanswered questions!

4got to add, the 4th won't b anything without kierra and ORLANDO!


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