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Pixar's next short Lifted

Pixar.jpgPixar's next short film is called Lifted and is about a failing Alien student attempting his first time abduction of a human, and even that short blurb has the Pixar humour written all through it. It is also scheduled to receive it's first public screening in the form of a sneak peak at the 42nd Chicago International Film Festival.

The story comes from Upcoming Pixar who have researched the film extremely well from many sources, finding the film blurb and also the screening details. Have a look at Upcoming Pixar for the full information and a little picture of the character, as well as some really cool icons on the sidebar!

I'm a big Pixar fan, and especially of their shorts. There's something great about buying one of their features and finding a little short added in, and they make them so well too. The writing is exceptional, characterisation, and the story has that adult slant which appeals to all ages of the audience.



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