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Predator 3 starring Stallone?

Predator.jpgI love Predator, and Arnie just rocks in it, so this rumour comes as a slap in the face with a cold, wet fish. The rumour is that Predator 3 is going to be made (although not with that name) and it will be starring Sylvester Stallone in the lead.

Now I have nothing against Stallone, but Predator is a superb action flick with Arnie just giving it full on muscle based action...oh dear...that sounds really bad! Anyway...According to IESB through CanMag a reader writes in and tells them that...

There's talk now - and again, its just talk, nothing concrete - that some of us might be re-hired soonish to start on the new 'Predator' film. I haven't had any contact from the studio about it. Others apparently have.

Originally, they were going to follow AVP up with a fifth "Alien" film, one that would team Sigourney and Ridley again, but it didn't work out (for reasons I'm not privy to). 'Predator 3' (won't be called that), would be a brand new chapter in the series - and all those rumors about it starring The Rock or John Cena as Schwarzenegger's character, Dutch, aren't true. One bit of a interesting talk is that Sylvester Stallone might be being coaxed to do battle with the new "Predator".

Oh no! I can't believe it, that film is a classic and Arnie is at his best next to his Terminator role, this can't be true. Surely Stallone wouldn't want to do this? Would you want to see him in the role, or even another Preadator film? It can't be true!! I hope it's just really early rumour and that there isn't another film.



Alien vs. Predator was bad enough. They took a massive shit on all of us when they announced that they were going ahead with AVP2... now MORE crappy news?!

Why can't studios just leave great films be, and not drop them all down to bottom of the barrel bullshit!

I have been on an Arnold Schwarzenegger revival of late, picking up the new Terminator UE, Total Recall and The Running Man on DVD. Classic Arnie movies, into which category Predator fits nicely too.

It's bad enough that Stallone has to dig up his own franchises in Rocky and Rambo, but to dig up Arnie's old leftovers too just stinks of desperation.

fuck, it would be better than bring back danny glover!!

Rocky meets Predator. Please say it isn't so! I've never been a big fan of Stallone (never watched through a full Rocky or Rambo), but bringing back predator starring him? That's just a terrible idea. It's too bad there hasn't been a decent revival of the aliens nor the predator franchise recently. AvP could've been cool if they did it right.

honestly? I loved AVP and liked Predator 2 better than the first one.

why? mainly in the case of P2 it was because of Danny Glover. In Predator one, we had Arnie as a near invincible peak human battling this monster. cool enough and nothing wrong with that...but I could identify with Glover. And the action was honestly just as good.

That plus the fact that Gary Busey had THE best death in the history of action movies in the meat locker. I'll never get the awesomeness of that out of my head.

Stalone would be cool with me...my only worry is that stalone sometimes plays it too "funny" Or "warm." If they somehow made him someone who wants to die, maybe has a split personality and is a sadist going AFTER the predator, maybe it would be interesting.

my point is, Predator is a franchise that they've really left unmilked. I mean, the udders on this thing are massive. I say go for it.

Nice thoughts there mogulus, milking a Predator!

The Predator could be a great franchise on it's own, but they haven't done anything as good as the first, and that was the perfect Predator film in my eyes.

I just think it's a little cheap getting Stallone in the role, and I can't see it myself, don't try to copy the original with a replacement Arnie, get some new blood and create a new story.

On the Stallone front, I'm dying to see Rocky and Rambo, but I really want to see him return to drama and give us something much more meaty as in Copland. How superb was he there? He's much more an actor than an action star.

I too liked Predator2 better than the original. Well ok maybe that's not 100% honest, the original was and is an action classic after all. But P2 was an exceptionally well made sequel I thought.

If they can get a real director, maybe it could work. Stallone & Harlin re-teaming? :)

Can't be any worse than having Danny Glover star.


When it comes to Arnie and Sly, there aren't that much of a difference. They're both men, best known for their action roles and they both talk funny (accent). But hey, I still love them.
Seriously, I doubt this "talk" will bear fruit. It would look like Sly is wearing Arnie's underwear that just won't fit. Sorry about the graphics.

I think the rumour (unsurprisingly) has already been quashed by his publicist.

I just see it as crossing over into someone elses territory. Mind you, if the film was a corker, I wouldn't mind so much.

Oh man, am I late already?

I think they should focus more on the predators background. It would be good if they did a film just about predators on their homeworld doing their rituals and tasks before jetting off to earth for some skulls.
It would be cool if they had them comunicate in their own langauge, but subtitle it like apocalypto.

As for stallone, isnt he like 66 or something? I agree with Richard Brunton, get some new blood.

Thanks J!

So you want a serious look into the Predators and their society? Do you think that would really work?

i think if anything a remake would be cool but a star being in their 60s fighting an alien i just don't see being that good unless the alien is old too . but thats just me

An aging outcast alien fighting a similar type of man? Might work, but it would be a tad difficult to set-up don't you think?


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