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Prestige behind the scenes

Prestige_Poster.jpgThere's a really interesting write up on a press event with The Prestige editing team. The press were allowed to sit in on an editing session for the opening sequence of the movie, mixing the audio, choosing sounds, deliberating over barely audible audio, and then they were allowed to watch it. The whole process sounds fascinating.

Although the clip is less than a couple of minutes, we watch for nearly an hour as the crew takes pass after pass at the audio, making minor but affecting changes: from a swell of music as a character turns toward the camera to a jolt of thunder that transitions one scene to another.

Sitting in a large theater with the biggest mixing board known to man...Nolan directs the details, often isolating sounds that can scarcely be heard in the background—all to make sure they give the audience the exact effect he's after. Whole conversations about which speaker to put a specific sound in come up during the process. At one point, a thunder effect is nixed for being "too spacey, too Star Wars-y." Things are tried, retried and discarded. And in the end, the mix is more emotional. Better.

It sounds fascinating, and I know from my involvement in editing sessions behind the scenes it still seems incredibly magical sitting there seeing all the behind the scenes work to put a short clip together.

The story comes from UK IGN and also includes a short interview with Christoper Nolan.

We had to throw away a lot of different ideas, a lot of different possibilities from the book in order to make it work as a film. In that sense, it's a pretty free adaptation, pretty loose, but I like to think it captures the essence.

Interesting, but not as much as reading about the process of editing that short introduction sequence. I don't know about you, but I love all the behind the scenes work that goes into making even the shortest of clips.



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